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Comparison of MART Power Wash and Vacuum Dryer System to Process offered by Proceco


  Report Prepared by: Gary Minkin, MART President
  Prepared for: General Use
  MART and Proceco are the only two companies that have successfully made a business of manufacturing, selling and installing equipment worldwide to wash and dry Rail Traction Motors and Generators.

Both companies manufacture equipment that is rugged and suited for the work. The MART Power Wash System, however, will wash twice as fast and more thoroughly than the Proceco, costs less to operate and maintain, and offers other advantages as well. The MART Dryer also cycles in half the time of a Proceco. Further, a number of motor rebuilders have switched from Proceco washers to the MART Power Wash System and a list is available on request. Consider the following two case histories …


MART HURRICANE 84 Parts Washer and Vacuum Dryer

MART HURRICANE 84 Power Washer and Vacuum Dryer for Rail Traction Motors And Generators



CASE HISTORY No ONE: General Electric Motor Rebuild

In the early 1990’s a MART HURRICANE 84 was installed in the GE shop in City of Commerce, CA, and a Proceco was installed in Erie, PA. GE had plans to install more washers in other rebuild shops and assigned an engineer, Ian Bubb, the job of studying both machines to determine which was best. Ian spent six months on this project and reported that the MART was the better system with the result that GE, over the next several years, installed 14 MART Power Washers in its rebuild shops, including four in Canada. One of the Canadian machines was installed within several miles of the Proceco plant in Montreal.
GE recently needed another washing machine in Canada. MART was aware that one of the Power Washers GE bought had replaced a Proceco that was put in storage. MART offered to convert the used Proceco to MART performance, in which case GE would realize a substantial savings. The conversion can be viewed here.

CASE HISTORY No TWO: Visit by the executives of ZNTK, the Polish National Railway, to the Union Pacific Rail Shop in North Little Rock.

The UP shop operates – side-by-side – a MART Washer and Dryer, and a Proceco jet spray washer and dryer. ZNTK, a large locomotive overhaul plant in Nowy Sacz, Poland, needed six traction motor/generator washers and six dryers. They were scheduled to replace worn out Proceco equipment. Before installing more Proceco machines, they decided to conduct a thorough study of other systems that were available.

The plant manager from ZNTK and one of their top engineers came to St. Louis to tour MART the plant, meet the MART engineers and the Tech Services staff, and visit the UP facility in North Little Rock. While at the UP plant, the visitors were introduced to the operator of the MART and Proceco equipment who loaded both machines, and washed and dried the motor parts. The visitors then inspected the results and agreed that the MART Power Washer cleaned faster and more thoroughly, and the MART Dryer cycled in half the time of the Proceco. The operator explained that the MART Power Washer was easier to operate and service and, overall, was more reliable. He said that the Proceco handled the work overflow. As a result of this visit and investigation, ZNTK installed a MART Power Wash System with plans to install another five in 2007 and 2008.

The reasons for the improved performance of the MART Power Washer include (1) its high performance Pump Systems that deliver more blasted energy (impact pressure) at the wash load and (2) its patented (oscillating) Power Blast Manifold that reaches into and cleans out all the internal crevices and blind surfaces, including the area between the windings and inside of the case. Further, the MART process safely washes windings without damage. The MART Dryer, rather than pulling a constant vacuum, pulsates and releases its vacuum to promote faster drying without causing freezing.

Details of the oscillating MART Power Blast Manifold and MART Pump Systems can be found here and here.

The above explanation is simply an overview. Other MART System details are found in the Bid/Performance Specifications that are available free from MART, and on the company’s 700+ page Website.



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