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“THE PURIFIER” – A Better Engineering Waste Collecting Device



The original MART Report was produced on 22 November ’98. As long as the advertising literature for this Device does not change, the following Report is valid.

“THE PURIFIER” would be a boon to industry if it could perform as advertised. Then it could replace complex equipment and expensive processes designed to achieve a similar result. This report will debunk the Purifier which defies the Laws of Physics. Simply stated, it does not work. This Report will also raise serious questions about other performance claims by Better Engineering.

"THE PURIFIER", according to Better Engineering literature, operates as follows … 



“The solution flows through ... "a tortuous path under and over ... coalescing plates" and, using a gravitational process, ("THE PURIFIER") generally traps 90% of the oils and particles before they can contaminate the main cleaning tank."


The Simple Laws of Physics: In a near static condition where the movement of solution is minimal, gravity will separate, from solution, oil (which floats) and sludge (which sinks). Over time, as turbulence (velocity) is reduced, separation increases. The efficiency of separation is inversely proportional to its turbulence. Gravitational separation is best achieved when the solution is in a static state, with no movement at all. According to Better Engineering, "Particles are 'slammed' to the bottom ... and ... filtered water 'cascades' back into the main tank."

In other words, Better Engineering claims that "THE PURIFIER" causes gravity oil-sludge separation through turbulence.

Applying the Laws of Physics: We rely on the following data that are published by the American Petroleum Institute (API):



At a flow rate of 10 GPM, to effectively remove free and dispersed oils and sludge from the flow stream with an enhanced-action coalescing separator, requires a system measuring 40" x 45" x 22" (about 22 cubic feet). At 150 GPM, a 330 cubic foot tank is required, and at 200 GPM, a tank measuring 440 cubic feet is required.

"THE PURIFIER" tank measures 18” x 18” x 22” long and holds about 4 cubic feet of solution, or less than 2% of what is required for separation, according to the API. At 200 GPM, all the solution passes through "THE PURIFIER" in less than 9 seconds.


Some waste will deposit into the settling tray of the B.E., but this can only occur during non-operating hours when the solution is in its static state. “THE PURIFIER” provides no advantage over any other make of washer. A customer with interest in this device might contact B.E. directly, make reference to this Report, and ask them to explain. MART leaves it to Better Engineering to provide the data on how the device works. If they cannot, then the next question is: Why do they offer it. 

For those customers who are interested in solution/waste management systems, they should consider the MART EQ-1 Wastewater Processor that has been tested and verified by (1) the U.S. EPA, (2) approved by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) through its MEEP Test Program, and (3) the State of California, which has the most stringent waste disposal laws in the Land.

Better Engineering has been aware of this memo for many years and is still offering ‘THE PURIFIER” to its customers. To date, MART has not noted any changes in its performance claims.



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