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8 January 2006

  TO: All MART Engineering, Sales and Tech Services Staff
  FROM: Gary Minkin, MART President
  NOTE: This Report was originally created by MART Staff.

Three of the most important considerations when purchasing parts washing equipment are (1) the Equipment Warranty, (2) the technical support that is provided to ensure the maximum benefits and uptime, and (3) the Warranty of Merchantability. Following in yellow highlights are excerpts from the Proceco Warranty that state their policies and warranty.


  PROCECO WARRANTY: Limited to making good at Proceco's factory, any part or parts … which shall be returned to Proceco with transportation charges by customer and which Proceco’s examination shall disclose to its satisfaction to have been defective. Parts transportation charges to the Proceco plant are paid by the customer.  

MART COMMENT: Two points to note. First, Proceco requires that the failed part(s) be returned to Proceco for inspection before the replacement parts will be shipped. Consider the out-of-
service downtime as the owner waits for the repair parts. At the least, a customer can expect a week of downtime … and several weeks at a minimum if the Proceco is installed in any country other than Canada. The second point is that the Proceco warranty is limited to replacing failed parts and offers no technical assistance or support in the event of a warranty failure.

MART WARRANTY: To ensure the maximum uptime of a Power Washer in the event of a failure, MART Service Technicians troubleshoot the problem with the owner, usually over the phone and by referencing the MART Operating Manual. When the cause of the failure is decided, MART sends the needed replacement parts immediately via Next Day Air or other expedited means. MART sets up a billing that is credited when the defective parts are returned.  If the parts failure is due to abuse, then the customer is charged for the parts and freight. Otherwise MART pays all costs, including transportation. Furthermore, if the failure is of a nature that it cannot be repaired by the customer, then MART, within 48 hours and at its own expense, will send a Factory Technician to the installation site and make the repair.

Review the MART Operating Manual here.

Review the MART Warranty here.


  PROCECO LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: Proceco disclaims all warranties, representations and statements, expressed or implied, statutory or otherwise, including (without limitation) any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.  

MART COMMENT: Proceco disclaims the merchantability of fitness for its washing machines. What this means is that Proceco does not warrant that its washing machines will (1) wash parts or that (2) the washed parts will meet an intended cleaning standard. In other words, Proceco rejects the merchantability warranties that are both implied and implicit in the purchase of their washing machines, including (statutory) warranties that are provided under the law.

MART MERCHANTABILITY WARRANTY: MART provides a Merchantability Warranty with each Power Washer that is installed in accordance with the criteria that is agreed to between the customer and MART. A copy of the MART Merchantability Warranty is available on request.



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