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Comparing Pass Thru Washing to Batch Style or Automated Turntable

Pass thru washing sounds great and works for lighter duty soil removal, but if the wash load is complex or the soils are difficult to remove, the Pass thru cannot provide the cleaning results. Here's why ...

MART TURNTABLE STYLE POWER WASHER: Assume that each part surface must be blasted with solution 40 times to completely remove the grease and other soils. Each hit is called an impingement event. Multiple impingement events are possible when the components are on fixtures or in baskets and rotated on a turntable. Note that the load can be tightly packed to maximize the parts being cleaned. In a TORNADO 60 the Table rotates 20 times in 10 minutes for 20 impingements on each component surface. The CYCLONE 30 Table rotates 4 times a minute for 40 impingements in 10 minutes. MART increases the number of impingement events and gains multiple angles of penetration by oscillating its (patented) Power Blast Manifold. The Manifold pivots on its vertical axis and makes a wide sweep and return every 15 seconds as the load turns on the Table. Further, the movement of the Manifold is faster than the Table speed, and is not synchronized to the Table rotation which gains a different angle of impingement with each revolution. Thus the number impingements in the T-60, in a ten minute cycle, increases to 80 events. The CYCLONE 30 will have 160 events in 10 minutes.

Over the past 20+ years MART engineers have performed experiments and calculations to determine the hydraulics of a System (pump size, style and performance; system flow and pressure; piping sizes; nozzle orifice size and pattern) for most types of soils, which is how MART is able to configure its Power Washers for specific soil removal applications and warrant the results.

CONVEYOR STYLE WASHER: In a pass thru washer the components are set on a conveyor and move past the nozzles which are set at various angles to completely cover the pieces being washed. Thus each nozzle impinges a specific surface one time as the surface moves beyond the nozzle. If the soils require, for example, 10 impingement events, then the pass thru washer will need 10 sets of nozzles. If a set of 30 strategically placed nozzles provides full coverage of all surfaces one time, then this pass thru washer would need 300 nozzles to provide 10 impingement events to all component surfaces. The washer maker cannot simply increase the number of nozzles because the added nozzles reduce the pressure and flow per nozzle, and would clearly over amp the pump system. To maintain the pressure and flow required for soil removal, if the basic 30 nozzle system requires 40 horsepower of pump energy, then the 300 nozzle washer will need to generate 10 times more energy, or 400 horsepower of pumping, to maintain the flow and pressure per nozzle for soil removal. Otherwise, the impingement event requirement is sacrificed and nothing comes clean.

MART manufactures pass thru machines with conveyors that improve on conventional pass thru washers by providing two Power Blast Manifolds, one pivoting on its vertical axis and one on its horizontal axis, to increased the number of impingement events and gain multiple angles of impingement. Because the Manifolds move faster than the forward speed of the conveyor, the MART gains 9 angles of impingement on each surface. A MART Pass Thru System is an exceptional performer when compared to other pass thru machines but, still, it cannot provide the number of impingement events needed to remove the most difficult soils. In these cases, a turntable style washer is the only option.


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