The MART EQ-1 Wastewater Processing System

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GSA Contract

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MART is proud to be a long-term supplier of Aqueous Parts Washers (commonly called APW’s) to the US Military. Today thousands of MART APW’s are installed in military heavy maintenance shops around the world. Many shops are using several MART APW’s to meet their daily parts cleaning requirements.

Introduction to MART Power Washers
Introduction to MART EQ-1 Wastewater Processing Systems

MART not only provides
washing machines--
MART gives you clean parts.

GSA Contract Number:

MART equipment is in
FSC Group 49 Part 11:
FSC Group 4940-
Cleaning Systems

Every day thousands of aircraft wheels and landing gear assemblies, engine blocks, transmissions, bearings, and more are washed in MART APW’s. MART gives you clean parts, shift after shift and day after day.

In addition, the MART EQ-1 Wastewater Processing System reduces the waste stream from most APW and numerous other waste stream sources by up to 90%. The US Military is the largest user of EQ-1 Systems worldwide.

The EQ-1 has been tested and approved for Military use under MEEP Project EC98-51 and EPA-ETV project number VR-P2MF-01-01. The encapsulated waste product is safe for disposal.



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Military User References

Andrews AFB
Arizona/162nd FW
Arkansas/188th FW
Barksdale AFB
California/163rd ARW
Cannon AFB
Davis Monthan AFB
Eglin AFB
Ellsworth AFB
Florida/202nd RHS
Fort Carson
Fort Lewis
Hill AFB, Luke AFB
Indiana/122nd FW
Iowa/185th FW
Kunsan AFB, Korea
Langley AFB
Little Rock AFB
MCAS/Beaufort, SC
McConnell AFB
Michigan/127th WG
Minot AFB
Montana/120th FW
Moody AFB
Mt. Home AFB
NAS Fort Worth JRB
Naval Aviation Depot, Cherry Point, NC
Naval Aviation Depot, Jacksonville, FL
Naval Sea Systems Command, Arlington VA
Naval Station/SIMA
Naval Undersea Warfare Center
Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Newport RI
Naval Weapons Station, Yorktown, VA
New Hampshire/157th ARW
Ohio/121st ARW
Ohio/179th AW
Ohio/180th FW
Oregon/173rd FW
Pennsylvania/111th FW
Pennsylvania/171st ARW
Peterson AFB
Puerto Rico/156th AW
Seymour Johnson AFB
Sheppart AFB
Tennesee/164th AW
Texas/136th AW
Tinker AFB
Tyndall AFB
Utah/151st ARW
West Virgina/130th AW
Whiteman AFB

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