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New Manufacturing Parts Washing

MART offers the largest product line of Cabinet-Style Parts Washers, Options and Accessories for manufacturing and industrial applications. Models include Turntable style, Pass Thrus, Single and Dual Lift Door, Clamshells, and Tumblers. MART Industrial Parts Washers are engineered for the toughest parts cleaning jobs imaginable. In quick wash cycles a MART Washer will remove machining oil, fines and grindings, graphite stain, preservatives, molds including core molds, and other soils. Various filtration systems are available to ensure that MART meets the highest cleaning standards and requirements.

The MART system is capable of Deep Cleaning so that all surfaces within the wash load, even densely packed complex piece parts in fixtures or baskets, that are run at high throughput, wash thoroughly clean. The Comparison explains the advantages and benefits of the MART system.

All MART Power Washers are available for batch or automated processing, in mild or stainless steel, and can meet ANSI/NFPA 79 Codes – Latest Revisions for Industrial Machinery. MART Power Washers also meet all EPA and OSHA regulations, and provide a healthy and safe environment for the employees.

Please contact a MART Applications Specialist for details.

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