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Railroad Equipment Parts Cleaning

MART offers the largest product line of Cabinet-Style, Heavy-Duty parts washers Options and Accessories for all railway and maintenance-of-way applications. MART Parts Washers are capable of removing carbon, paint and scale from crankcases, heads, pistons, liners and jewelry; and cleaning turbos and blowers; traction motors and generators; wheelsets and axles; journal boxes and parts; gear case covers; air brakes, power and hydraulic parts; and all other parts to cleaning standards not possible with conventional Jet Spray Washers or other methods.
20 Cylinder EMD with Carbon, Scale, Paint and Road Soils

All Soils Removed, Even in inner "V", in under 2 Hours and Ready to Rebuild

MART Hurricane Railroad Axle Washer

Crankshaft oil delivery holes are consistently as clean as outer surfaces. No competing machine washes as thoroughly or at the speed of a MART. Note also that MART has the lowest operating and maintenance cost of any system or process.
Wash 8 or more heads in 15 minutes. Strip carbon, sludge and all road soils
Liners, pistons and large loads of jewelry come thoroughly clean in 15 minutes

Most of the 20+million rail bearings rebuilt annually in the U.S. are washed in MART Power Washers.

Wash, fresh water rinse and flash dry 15 bearings per load in 9 to 12 minutes, depending on Pump configuration.

MART systems are capable of Deep Cleaning so that all surfaces within the wash load, even the cavities and deepest recesses that are not readily accessible from the nozzles, wash thoroughly clean. The center of a basket of randomly loaded nested parts comes as clean as the outermost surfaces. The Comparison explains the advantages and benefits of the MART system.

Power Washing replaces ovens and molten salt, hot and cold tanks, jet spray cabinets, hand steamers and pressure wands, and solvent and brushes. The MART system is also EPA and OSHA safe, and meets Federal requirements for Waste Minimization.

Safely wash all motor parts including windings.

Cycle time is under 20 minutes per wash load.

The MART HURRICANE 84 Power Washer with Vacuum Dryer is typical of the MART Line

Cycle time for prewash is 12 minutes, and all surfaces exposed to air are clean including traction motor pinion gear, commutator, brush holders and insulators. Final wash of individual components runs 20 minutes at most and all surfaces, even between the windings and case, and end bells, are clean and free of all contaminant. Dryer has a pulse system that cuts drying time by one-half.

The MART EQ-1 Wastewater Processing system represents a significant breakthrough in wastewater treatment, and is quickly gaining wide acceptance with rebuilders. EQ-1 Wastewater Processors that have been tested and approved by MEEP and are in use throughout the military.

Please Contact a MART Applications Specialist for details.

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