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Tote, Tub, Drum and Pail Washing

MART Power Washers are in common use in plants that manufacture and blend inks and paints. Cleaning Tubs, Totes, Drums and Pails is one of the more difficult jobs for a wash machine. MART Power Washers handle this work nicely with its line of Power Washers engineered specifically for this application.

The MART Process, which blasts soap and water at high impact pressure, makes the cleaning of Tubs, Totes, Drums and Pails inexpensive and certain. MART engineered its ink and paint removal Systems with high performance Pump Systems and a custom configured MART Power Blast Manifold. The Manifold has a unique oscillating Lower Bias Arm that concentrates blasted solution from the bottom upward at all angles for full coverage of inside surfaces, and thorough ink and paint removal. The Vertical and Upper Manifold Arms wash the exterior surfaces. MART also offers fixtures for Drums and Pails that load outside the Wash Cabinet to increase uptime for highest productivity.

Pail Washer
Typical results that are possible with the MART Tote, Tub, Drum and Pail Washing System:

TOTE – Before

TOTE – After

PAIL – Before

PAIL – After

Tote-Tub Washer

Benefit from MART Knowledge and Experience

  • Patented MART Power Wash Process is available in batch and automated models.
  • MART Wash Process Removes the most aggressive Paints & Inks
  • Remarkably Quick and Thorough Cleaning
  • Lowest Cleaning Cost per Cycle
  • Rugged Construction for Reliability and Long Economic Life
  • Built to ANSI/NFPA 79 Code to meet all Health and Safety Requirements
  • Closed Loop - Zero Solution Discharge, and Environmentally and Employee Safe
  • Technical Assistance to ensure your Ongoing Success.

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