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GSA Contract

Introduction to MART Power Washers on our GSA Contract

General Description

MART Automatic Cabinet-Style Aqueous Power Washers are available on GSA Contract
GS-07F-0313M and meet cleaning standards that are not possible in conventional jet spray cabinets. A MART system will remove carbon, oil, grease, suspended dirt, and rust scale from all surfaces that are exposed to open air. A MART Power Washer cleans primarily with high impact pressure from MART-designed High Efficiency Pump systems, and a patented Oscillating Power Blast Manifold (PBM) that thoroughly cleans the deepest recesses of a wash load more effectively with
shorter wash cycle time. You can see the PBM operate on our Oscillating Manifold Video.

MART currently has thousands of Power Washer installations throughout the Air Force,
Navy, Army, Marine Corps, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserves and Coast Guard worldwide.

Why Military Maintenance Shops Prefer MART…

  • Rugged Construction and Reliability for Maximum Up-Time
  • 34 Engineered Power Washer Models and 104 Options
  • Easy to operate
  • On-Site Technical Service for Commissioning, Training, Service, Maintenance and Retrofits
  • Most Complete Operating Manual in the Industry with easy-to-follow Maintenance Schedule and Troubleshooting Guide
  • Zero Discharge meets Environmental and Health/Safety Requirements
  • Wash Aluminum and Steel Parts in the Same Cabinet
  • Replaces Jet Spray Wash Cabinets
  • Meet MIL Cleaning Standards
  • Stainless Cabinets Prevent Rust for Long Life

Successful Military cleaning applications include:

  • Aircraft Wheels: Removes rubber bead, brake dust, carbon, grease, oil, and dirt.
  • Landing gear components: Removes grease, oil, and dirt.
  • Jet Engines: Removes grease, oil, dirt, and other contaminants from engine housings, turbines, and fan blades.
  • Aircraft Armaments: Removes grease, oil, dirt, carbon, and other contaminants from gun barrels, breaches, and housings.
  • Submarine Torpedo Guns: Removes grease, oil, dirt, carbon, and other contaminants from barrels, breaches, and housings.
  • Diesel Engine Blocks & Heads: Removes grease, oil, suspended dirt, carbon, and other contaminants from housings, galleys, and internal pathways.
  • Transmissions: Removes all grease, oil, dirt, and other contaminants from housings and components.
  • Vehicle Components: Remove grease, oil, dirt, and other contaminants from starter motors, alternators and other components.

Unique MART Features

  • Oscillating Power Blast Manifold (PBM): The wash Manifold/Nozzle assembly is engineered to deliver blasted solution into the crevices and deepest recesses of a wash load so that all surfaces come clean. Here is How the PBM Works: The PBM is Configured to blast across wash load, from top down and bottom upwards, and oscillate 39 degrees reciprocally on its vertical axis four times per minute as wash load rotates on Turntable. The Manifold oscillation is non-synchronous to Turntable rotational speed to ensure a different angle of impingement of blasted solution with each pass of wash load. The Upper and Lower Manifold Arms are offset so that each Nozzle blasts on its own plane and does not deflect or otherwise interfere with solution blasted from the other Nozzles in system.
  • High Energy Pump Systems: Performance measured at the “Nozzle Tips” and not at the “Pump Head” to accurately report energy available for parts cleaning. The Pump Systems are designed to remove soils with impact pressure, rather than simply flooding the wash load with hot water and chemical.
  • Auto Rinse Cycle (ARC) (option): Separate non-corrosive Manifold/Nozzle assembly delivers fresh hot water at the end of each wash cycle to rinse the parts load. Rinse water becomes make-up water to replenish wash solution lost through steam and evaporation so that no solution discharges outside the Cabinet for treatment or disposal.
  • Rust Inhibitor for Rinse Water (option): An injector pump automatically mixes a rust inhibitor into the rinse water for short-term protection of your clean parts against rust.
  • Posi-Drive Retractable Turntable: Loading Door is mounted on Structural Support Arm of Turntable so that Turntable automatically retracts from Cabinet when Door is opened. For safety and easy loading and unloading by one operator, Door has a 2-position lock to prevent drifting. Turntable rotates with service-free Gear-Sprocket Drive and Clutch Overload protection.
  • Aircraft Wheel Fixtures: Fixtures are available for all styles of Military Aircraft wheels. Main and Nose wheel halves slide onto horizontal Posts and lock in place, held securely with Quick Release Clamps. PVC sleeves on Posts protect wheel halves from being marred or damaged. Fixtures are available with multiple positions to clean 2 to 6 wheel halves per wash cycle to MIL Cleaning Standards. Cycle times are 10 minutes on average.
  • Stainless Steel and Warranty (option): Wetted Surfaces are fabricated with Stainless Steel and other corrosion-resistant materials and warranted for Twelve (12) Years against corrosion of stainless steel cabinets and all stainless steal components. Stainless Steel Pump Systems are also available as an option.
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