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Aqueous parts washer technology industry leader. Worldwide reputation for removing the most difficult soils in fast cycles with patented cleaning technology. MART parts washers are used in some of the world's toughest cleaning applications:

Automotive Parts Washing
Bearing Washing
Diesel Engine Parts Washing
Electric Motors Cleaning
Jet & Piston Aircraft Washing
Mining Equipment Parts Cleaning
New Manufacturing
Off-Road Equipment Parts Washing
Railroad Equipment Parts Cleaning
Rolling Mill Equipment Cleaning
Tote, Tub, Drum & Pail Washing
Work Boat Parts Washing

The MART Parts Washer Difference
At MART, we do more than build parts washers… we engineer cleaning solutions. Our 34 models have been designed to meet the cleaning needs of a wide variety of industries. Our 104 engineered options allow us to configure the part washer for your specific application. This is the MART difference. Because of our focus on selling clean parts instead of part washers, our list of clients reads like Who's Who in the rebuild and parts cleaning industries… worldwide.

MART Power Washers Available For Batch, Semi- & Fully Automated Operation.
MART offers the most complete Aqueous Parts Washer Line in the World – 34 basic Models, each available with 104 Engineered Options, plus many variations within each model. In all, MART can manufacture over
5 million different Aqueous Parts Washers without a single duplication.
EQ-1 Wastewater Processing System - Several Models & Capacities Available
Wastewater Treatment Systems

MART’s proprietary wastewater treatment systems solve the industry’s solution management and waste disposal problems.


MART partners with each Power Washer owner to help ensure parts cleaning success.  Click on the links below for more information:

Complete our Parts Cleaning Cost analysis to learn how you can save on your annual cleaning costs

MART Green Technology

Compare Parts Washers and Spray Jet Washers pump performance and specifications

Convert your Jet Spray to MART Performance

Removes Carbon, Scale, Paint, Sludge, and other Difficult Soils

Patented Technology Blasts into the Deepest Recesses of a wash load

Cleans Twice the Parts per Shift

Save up to 70% in Cleaning Expense

Largest Product Line and most Options

Zero Discharge and Waste Minimization

In-house and on-site expertise for all your Parts Cleaning Problems

The INS and OUTS of Leasing


Parts Cleaning Cost Analysis
GSA Contract

MART Power Washers are available through StingRay Manufacturing.
StingRay Manufacturing

For MART Power Washer replacement parts, service or other questions please contact:


MART - Industry Leader in Aqueous Parts Washer Technology
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